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BUHLER Pressure Transmitter Pressotronik Series 702
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Update date 2022-12-28 09:02
 BUHLER Pressure Transmitter Pressotronik Series 702
The pressure can reach 600 bar
Compact and strong design
Stainless steel measuring unit
The pressure measuring unit is welded with the pressure sensor without gasket seal and without elastic sealing ring
High rupture resistance
Two interfaces are available
Oil pressure monitoring is an indispensable task in hydraulic systems and fuel supply units. Here, it is necessary to monitor the pressure gap as determined by the process, as well as to safely shut down the machine, limit the load, or simply determine sufficient lubrication pressure. The pressure sensor used must meet various requirements for its own compressive strength, signal output, its programmability or plug-in connection style. For safety reasons, it is often necessary to install field or status indicators. Pressure transmitter Pressotronik 702 offers compact mounting sizes, a variety of connection plugs and fine-tuned pressures from low to high pressure ranges.