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A new line of oil and air coolers developed
Date:2022-12-28        Hits:305        Back
 Customers have been looking at our BLK and BNK fuel coolers for years. You can use a large number of throttles and a very strong and maintenance design to perform many functions of oil and lubricants.

The appearance of their explosive anti-corrosion surfaces and large-scale designs, multilayer motors and a wide variety of vehicle options gives us a variety of hand-made items ahead. However, for standard applications on the market, the requirements are reduced.

For us, this advantage led us to design the ELK/ENK series of renewable energy sources for each base and middle power 0.8 kW /K personalized design.
The new "EcoLine" coolant line, available in six standard formats, provides precise, on-demand gift grades.
Capable of running small, fuel-efficient and standardised emission engines using a water-assisted design with optimized ventilation and major European vehicle licences. Black digital corrosion resistant paint is designed for interior and surface standard industrial air.
Given the failure causes of both the oil and air coolers, Sirtech can provide the optimal solution to achieve the optimal performance ratio.